What is CashForGamers.com

  • We are a company who provides the service of paying cash for your old, broken, and used video games, consoles, and accessories.

What does the order status mean?

  • Queued – Your order has been submitted to our system.
  • Shipping Label Emailed– Your prepaid shipping label has emailed.
  • Shipping Supplies Sent – Your prepaid shipping kit has been sent. Please allow up to 5 business days for delivery.
  • Processing – Your order has been inspected and you are now in a queue to be paid. If there are any problems with your order, you will be notified immediately via email.
  • Payment Sent – Your payment has been sent. Please allow up to 8 business days for mailed checks to arrive.

Quality Requirements

Original Artwork Condition

  • All artwork must be original (No photocopies) and must be in acceptable condition.

Instruction Manual Conditions

  • All instruction manuals must be original (No Photocopies) and must be in acceptable condition.

Case Conditions

  • Cases that are broken, cracked, etc. will be accepted as long as it protects and properly stores the game securely (we are not responsible for any games damaged during shipment).

Disc/Cartridge Conditions

  • Discs may have scratches; however, very heavily scratched discs will receive a small refurbishing penalty. We do not buyback cracked discs, and any cracked discs will receive a buyback value of $0.00.
  • Cartridge games may have damaged labels; however, cartridge games that are missing a good portion the label will receive a 20% penalty.
  • Severely damaged games will receive a penalty based on the damage.

Collector’s/Limited Edition Game Conditions

  • All Collector’s/Limited Edition games should have all original content (i.e. tin case, special inserts, art books, bonus discs, etc.)

Video Game Console Conditions

  • All controllers must be fully functional and working (i.e. no broken buttons, no broken joystick, no missing buttons, etc.)
  • All cords must be intact without rips or tears
  • Any additional accessories must be fully functional and working
  • All consoles quoted as working must be free of defects that would prohibit use (i.e. cracked screens, broken buttons, faulty disc trays, broken hinges, non-working Wi-Fi, etc.)

Video Game Accessory Conditions:

  • All accessories must be an official brand when stated.
  • All accessories must be fully functional and working (i.e. no broken buttons, no broken joystick, no missing buttons, no cut wires, no corrupted memory, etc.)


Where do I ship my games?
Please ship your games to

3501 Thomas Rd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

How do I ship my games?

  • All trade-in orders qualify for free shipping! We will email you a prepaid shipping label that you can print and use to send us your trade-in.  Please allow up to 48 business hours for the prepaid shipping label to arrive.

How do I qualify for a Shipping Kit?

  • Trade-ins totaling $50 or more are qualified to receive a free prepaid shipping kit, which includes shipping supplies! You will be able to select this service option on the checkout page.

How do I know you received my order?

  • Upon arrival of your package, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming that we have received your order, and the order status will be changed to processed.

It’s been a week and you still haven’t received my order, why?

  • If you live on the East Coast, please be advised that it may take longer for your package to arrive. Be sure to check the delivery confirmation as it will tell you when we receive your item(s). The delivery confirmation will inform you of when our local USPS receives your order. Please note that occasionally there may be a 1 to 3 day processing delay by the postal service due to the volume of orders we are receiving. We are not responsible and have no control over any post office delays.

What if my item(s) is rejected?

  • If an item(s) is rejected, then you may choose to have the item(s) returned to you. If you do not want the item(s) returned, then we will gladly recycle them at no extra charge!

What if I forgot to include an item that’s on my order?

  • If you forget to include an item, it will simply be deducted from the quote.


How will I get paid?

  • You may choose to be paid via Paypal or a Mailed Check. PayPal payments will be charged a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 by PayPal. Please allow up to 8 business days after your order status is updated for checks to arrive.


Is there a limit on the games I want to sell?

  • There is a limit of 10 on the amount of identical games per platform we can accept.

The item I want to sell is not on your website, do you still buy it?

  • Yes! Any games that are not listed on our website can be sold here. If you feel that we should buy back a certain item, feel free to contact us and we may add it to our catalog.

Do you buy back games from international sellers?

  • Unfortunately, we only buy games from customers in the U.S. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you buy back imported games or Blu-rays?

  • Yes, you can submit a custom trade-in here.

Do you buy back pirated or bootlegged games or Blu-rays?

  • Absolutely not. We do NOT buy back any games or Blu-rays that violate copyright infringement laws (a.k.a. Pirated, bootlegged, and etc.)

Is there a subscription fee to maintain my account?

  • No, all accounts are completely free!

What do you do with my personal information?

  • All of your personal information will remain private and will not be shared with anyone outside of CashForGamers.com. Please see our privacy policy for more details regarding this subject matter.

My game does not match the cover art image on your site, but the title and UPC number are the same. Is this an error?

  • The images on our site are stock photos. As long as the game matches the title and/or UPC number, then we will gladly accept your item.