About CashForGamers.com

Founded in 2011, Cash For Gamers helps gamers quickly and easily turn used or non-working video games in to cash!

We know gamers because we are gamers! We simply want a fast, honest and fair place to sell our old, broken, and used videos games and game consoles. At Cash For Gamers our service is quick, easy, and guaranteed. It is our high buy-back prices, simple process, and a quick cash turn-around that makes us the superior choice in selling your video games.


Read What Others Are Saying

“Used them twice, and both times I got paid via mailed-check. They answer swiftly and are of great service, I recommend using this place to sell old games rather than Glyde or Ebay.” – Vanacloud, CheapAssGamer

“I can only second that… great service!” – Peterthepwner, CheapAssGamer

“I put through an order for almost $200 today. Very cool. Much better prices than any of the local jokesters or half price books. I probably would have been lucky to get $75 for that stuff at any local place.” – jer7583, CAG

“I would recommend using CFG as well if you’re looking to dump old games. I had a great experience with them about a month ago.” – RCS0926, CheapAssGamer

“I’ve done two orders with CashForGamers now… It’s a good way to clean out old games that you’re likely never going to play that don’t go for much anyway (lots of old PSX games, etc.)…. their customer service really seems to be on the ball.” – SporkWielder, CheapAssGamer

“I just created two large orders, using the 15% bonus code, for games that have literally sat in a box for years (but all still work as of tonight)… I’ll be getting MUCH, MUCH more than I ever could have hoped for generations-old games; most of them not rare, mainstream, or just goofy/random. As for eBay… I only had one game I could have considered selling on eBay, but I just want this to be as painless as possible and to get them out of my house, and get a bit of cash for doing it.” – Staveandor, CheapAssGamer

BBB Reviews

I used this service about three times already, and it has been better than before in terms of the process. It’s a good way to obtain more money than looking into local gaming stores or putting up an auction. They’ll buy any game/accessory/console you got, even if you think it’s obscure or worth nothing. I have had no problems before but waiting is an important key factor. Gary A. via BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Everything went smoothly and exactly as described on the site. I was emailed a pre-paid packing slip, I sent the games to them, they received and reviewed the contents, then they sent me the money via PayPal. I thought that the pricing was very fair and the lack of fees made it a much better option than selling anywhere else. I hope to work with them again and I will be letting all of my friends know about the great experience I had! – Fred S. via BBB (Better Business Bureau)

I have been doing business with them for a while. I own a game store in ********* and this is a great place to unload the older games that don’t really sell in my store. They have always paid me and have had an incredible customer service staff. – Chris Z. via BBB (Better Business Bureau)