PlayStation 4 Available Tomorrow, Sell PlayStation 3 Today!

Sony announced the release of the PlayStation 4 which will launch tomorrow, November 15. The successor to PlayStation 3 will compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One, as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles.

Moving away from the complicated architecture of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 will feature a more simple AMD processor. Sony also plans to place more focus on social gameplay, incorporating a “share” button on the new controller and making it possible to view in-game play streamed live from friends.

The release of the new game console, while exciting, may decrease value of your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 games. Consider selling your used and games and console before the value drops too much. Take your earnings from selling your used video games and put them toward buying the latest and greatest from your favorite video game brand.

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