The Best Places For Selling Video Games

The new year has begun and it looks like it’s going to be a great year for video games (except for the PS Vita which failed in Japan). With the pending release of some great new franchise hits such as Diablo III, Bioshock Infinite, and Devil May Cry, as well as the announcement of the next generation of gaming consoles, it’s time to clean out the closets and cabinets filled with unplayed games. The question is, where is the best place to get the most cash, store credit, or fun money for your games? We have selected our four favorite games from Super Nintendo to Playstation 3 and will compare their buyback values with the top companies and auction websites.

Our Favorites:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – Playstation 3
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – Gamecube
Mega Man Legends – Playstation
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Super Nintendo

One of the very few places that actually offers competitive cash buyback values for video games. The shipping is free for orders $30+ and they also send you adequate shipping supplies for your order. Unlike other services, CFG also buys back older video games ranging from Nes to PS3. They normally offer deals that get you 10%, 20%, and sometimes even 30% extra cash on all trade-ins (this includes consoles and accessories as well). Have a game or console that’s worthless or just doesn’t work? Well, CFG will recycle them for you and they will even pay you (unlike other sites that force you to pay)! Although they are new to the buyback world, CFG has received numerous positive reviews on various popular forums and has a very good customer service staff.

Pros: They offer cash for your games, which is always better than any kind of credit, and pay more than many of the competitors. Shipping is free and shipping supplies are offered. Process is quick and easy, and payment can be accepted via PayPal or Check.

Cons: The shipping process for East Coast customers can take a little longer due to USPS shipping times. PayPal fees are not covered, but there’s always the option for a Mailed Check.

BuyBack Prices (Cash):
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – $10.75
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – $13.00
Mega Man Legends – $13.85
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – $9.00


GameStop; the video game tyrant, the evolved form of Funcoland, and the best place to go to buy next gen games without the hassle of waiting for mail delivery. The simplest and easiest way for anyone to trade in his or her old games in order to buy new ones.

Pros: Fast and easy way to sell games for store credit. They have no penalties for games missing their original artwork and/or booklet, and they occasionally have 50% extra store credit on video game trade-ins which almost makes it worthwhile.

Cons: Their buyback prices are mediocre at best and they only offer store credit. GameStop is infamous in the gaming world for offering the lowest buyback values for your video games. Also, dealing with the employee at the register is an entirely new challenge on its own. “Would you like to preorder something? “Are you a Pro Member?” “It’s only 14.99!” “Would you like to buy a used disc only copy of this game for $2 cheaper?”.

Buyback Prices (Store Credit):
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – $6.00
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – $6.00
Mega Man Legends – $0.00 (They don’t buy this back)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – $0.00 (They don’t buy this back)

Best Buy

New to the gaming scene, Best Buy now buys back video games from Playstation 2 and newer (excluding Gamecube and Xbox). Unlike GameStop, these guys are the most difficult and complicated way to sell your games (in store). Some stores will require you to have a Best Buy receipt in order to sell back your games, and some stores will have random penalties for games that do not have their original artwork and/or instruction booklet. On the plus side, they do have an online buyback service that offers free shipping on all orders. On the down side, they only offer store credit.

Pros: Best Buy store credit > GameStop store credit (more variety of items to buy). They offer free shipping with their online service and stores that know what they are doing can give you a hassle free trade-in experience.

Cons: Their buyback values are just as bad as GameStop’s if not worse. There’s a huge hassle when trading-in video games (in store). They only offer store credit and a lot of the used games they try to resell are priced higher than the new version of the same game offered in their stores.

Buyback Prices (Store Credit):
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – $3.00
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – $0.00 (They don’t buy this back)
Mega Man Legends – $0.00 (They don’t buy this back)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – $0.00 (They don’t buy this back)


With trade-in values higher than GameStop and Best Buy, it’s no wonder these guys are becoming popular quickly. Much like CFG, they pay for the shipping cost on qualifying orders, but they do not offer you shipping supplies. Although they are missing a lot of older games (prior to PS2) on their trade-in list, they still buyback games from Nes to PS3. Much like GameStop and Best Buy, Amazon only offers Amazon gift cards.

Pros: Amazon gift card > GameStop store credit. Some of their buyback prices are ridiculously high (Super Mario 3D Land gets you $27.00), while others are painfully low (Only $6.50 is offered for Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II Plus). Free shipping and better prices put GameStop and Best Buy to shame.

Cons: Many of the buyback prices are still lower than CFG prices (not including the coupons and deals offered by CFG). Cartridge video games must have their original box and/or booklet, or they will have a reduced value. Like GameStop and Best Buy, cash is not offered.

Buyback Prices (Gift Card):
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – $7.50
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – $8.70
Mega Man Legends – $6.50
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – $8.10 ($6.50 if you don’t have the box and/or booklet)


Good ol’ eBay! The #1 response to the question, “where should I sell my games?”. Being the place to sell when you need cash, it’s true that eBay can get you a lot more money than GameStop, Best Buy, and sometimes even Amazon and CFG, but is it worth the hassle and fees? For video games, eBay charges 15% of the final sale price, 2.9% + $0.30 of that price in PayPal fees, and $0.05 to list the item. Not to mention the shipping charge of $2.50 to ship a game via USPS First Class Mail as well as the shipping supplies (padded envelopes usually cost $1-$2 depending on the size). On top of all of this, it can take weeks or even months (depending on the game) for your game to sell! Honestly, who’s going to buy Out to Lunch for the SNES?

The Fees:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 sells for $20 on average via eBay.
$20 – $3 – $0.88 – $0.05 -$2.50 – $1 = $12.57

That’s $1.82 more than CFG (not including coupons and deals offered by CFG). Is it worth your time and effort as well as dealing with potential irrational buyers for $1.82?

Pros and Cons: You will usually get more cash selling on eBay; however the difference is normally $1 or $2 after fees and may not be worth your time. You are in control of shipping out your games; however you must ship your items out promptly or you will have unsatisfied buyers. Ebay sides with buyers on almost all disputes, so any problems and merchandise returns will come out of your pocket. Overall, if you are already accustomed to eBay, have a high feedback rating, and have the time to list your games and wait for them to sell, this is the place to go.


The alternative to eBay, Glyde makes it easier to list the games you want to sell and has simplified the shipping process with pre-stamped mailers. Unlike eBay, you can see your proceeds for the game that you want to sell ensuring that there are no hidden fees. Unfortunately, much like eBay you still have to satisfy your buyers with prompt shipments, very accurate descriptions, and wait for your item to sell.

The Fees :
The market price for a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in “good” condition on Glyde is $14.75.
$14.75 – $1.77 (Transaction Fee) – $1.25 (Mailer Cost) = $11.73

Again, is it worth your time and effort to make $0.98 more?

Pros: Much easier to use than eBay. If you aren’t an eBay pro, then this is the site for you to use!

Cons: Even after all the fees, you’ll still make more money selling your items on eBay.

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